Have you heard about Community living? Try Co-Housing, a radical way to own more for less!!

So, the idea behind co-housing is that a group owns a house and/or properties together, when someone wants to sell their share, it’s less cost to everyone as opposed to buying/selling a house due to no realtor fees and title company to deal with. Right now, my friend Ana is interested in this idea and we think that other like-minded folks could buy shares in the ownership of her property here in the Elkton area. Currently we live on 4 acres of land, complete with yurts, a cob oven, two greenhouses, gardens, chickens, and two milk sheep on the way (and a cheesemaking business possibility). We’re not sure what the future will look like around here, but we hope it includes several co-housing spaces, a permaculture/natural building education center, some cottage industries, with a few more tiny houses/yurts dotting the property. Interested? Come visit, we’d love to meet you! Send an email to charlie.recyclist@gmail.com or avandekerk@yahoo.com or give me (Charlie) a call at 610-910-9643.

In addition, we are also open to sponsorship! Want to see these things happen in the Elkton area? Buy a share of the project and watch these ideas take shape! Or come with ideas/visions of your own!!

Welcome! Cecil County Permaculture’s website is still in the early stages of development, so there’s not much content here yet. Until then, feel free to take a look at our upcoming events by clicking the “Workshops/Events” tab on the upper right. Hope to connect with you real soon!